You're bored. Nothing much is going on. Without realizing why, you've walked into the kitchen and you find yourself searching through the contents of your refrigerator. You spot that leftover pie. You don't even bother sitting down or finding a fork. You consume it in seconds. You actually feel physically and mentally better for a moment. But in a few minutes, you're furious with yourself; you've broken your diet again.

Today will be different, you have promised yourself. You will have just one serving at the Sunday brunch and you will not go to the dessert bar. But after your dietetic first plate, you succumb to an irresistible compulsion to go
back for more. On your second trip, you load up on those rich tasty items you skipped on the first go-round. By the time you finish, you have had second helpings of the entree and have had enough desert for two.

You finished breakfast only an hour ago yet you feel like eating again. Thoughts of lunch dance in and out of your head all morning. Despite a hearty lunch, by midafternoon you're already thinking about dinner. You felt satisfied
immediately after dinner but as you put away some leftovers, you begin planning when you will eat them. As you finish your last chores in the kitchen, you are mentally arranging your breakfast tomorrow.

You are the model of self discipline. Your work is always punctual and of high-quality. You maintain a rigorous schedule. You put your own needs last. You deny yourself a lot of pleasures in life. Yet you can't lose weight. Your thin friend tells you that it's " just a matter of will power". You have taken control of everything in your life except what goes into your mouth.

You've managed to lose almost 10 lb.
This time you feel that you really conquered your obesity. You truly learned to control your eating habits. You will finally get thin and stay thin for the rest of your life. But you slipped-you ate a serving of ice-cream at the restaurant. Somehow all your resolution seems to have disappeared. You begin compulsive eating again. You put off weighing yourself. You guess you might back a pound or two. When you finally find the courage to climb back on the scales, you've gained all ten pounds back, plus two more.

If one of these stories describes your problem, then the StanPlan is for you. Read on and learn why your inability to control appetite and follow a diet is not the result of poor willpower or lack of motivation. How much you eat is not really the problem. That's just the result! The problem is you can't control your appetite until you eat the right foods--plain and simple.

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