The basic principles of the StanPlan are the most simple you can imagine:

We only eat things that are natural and available by "picking, gathering, fishing, or hunting."

We don't eat food that come from factories or that are significantly processed. We don't eat foods that come in boxes. We don't eat foods that are mixtures, blends or composites of other basic foods. We just eat what nature provides.

We can eat beef but we don't eat hamburger meat. We can eat turkey but not turkey sausage. We'll choose whole oats but not packaged oatmeal.

We can eat unlimited quantities of almost all permitted foods.

Only meat, poultry and nuts must be limited as to how much or when we eat them. These foods contain most of the fats we eat and must be limited in quantities and only eaten at mealtimes.

Other than the Limited Foods, we can eat at any time we are hungry or simply wish to eat.

There is never a reason to be hungry on the StanPlan. The magnificent part of the StanPlan is that after you have followed it for a week or so, you will almost completely lose the desire to overeat.

Foods can be prepared by any means except frying or cooking with fats as long as they are still recognizable as the "raw ingredient" in both shape and texture.

Foods may only be cut a maximum of 8 times (see "Rule of Eights"). Foods should usually not be peeled or trimmed.

Carbs: are there bad carbs and good carbs…or just "God’s carbs"?  

The low-carbohydrate diets have been promoted since the 60's.. They consist of mostly protein with very limited carbohydrate.

The Stanplan relies on the fact that carbohydrates in nature are both healthy and not "fattening" if they are eaten as nature intended. The "Inside Outside" principle and the "Up the Chain" principle explain more about why non-manufactured carbs (what we call "God's carbs") are not restricted.


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