What is the problem, anyway?

Most every overweight person has experienced these feelings. Most have been powerless to fight back. Indeed, the odds of an obese person ever losing weight permanently are dismal. Numerous medical studies have shown that the overall success rate for all types of weight loss diets is less than 10%. Over 90% of people who lose weight on a diet will eventually regain the lost weight.

If you have tried every diet in every magazine and book without success, The Plan is for you.

If you look upon slim people who don't overeat as some sort of alien life forms, The Plan is for you.

If you wake up each morning swearing to control your appetite and are unable to do so, The Plan is for you.

The Plan is not a diet. It is not a short term solution to a long term problem. It is a way to control the problem of overeating not by dieting but by changing what and how you eat. There are many scientific and non-scientific theories about why some people become overweight. Genetics, stress, poor eating habits, metabolic disorders are among the popular reasons. Reliance on fast-food is another popular reason. The fundamental reason people gain weight and have great difficulty losing that weight is related to the nature of the foods we eat. Yes, that's right: it's not how much we eat, or when we eat, or whether we exercise or not. We are eating foods we were never intended to eat and as a result, we unbalance whatever controls nature placed on our diet.


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