The Plan is simple to follow. For the most part, you can eat virtually all you want from foods that can be picked,gathered or fished, so long as you do not alter the basic nature and composition of those foods. Except for a fewexceptions mentioned later, you need not limit quantities. Foods may be cut into manageable size before cookingbut each foodstuff must be immediately recognizable—avoid shredding, grinding, pureeing, etc. Except for a serving of a starch each day, there are no manufactured or processed foods on The Plan. That is the secret of The Plan.

The Plan is very low in fats. You cannot cook with fats. You will not lose fat permanently when you eat fat. The Plan is also very low in refined and simple sugars. Simple sugars cause the body to secrete more natural insulin, which fires up the appetite.

OUR BASIC PRINCIPLE: KEEP YOUR FOOD NATURAL AND UNALTERED. In general, if the food you are about to eat looks and has the same texture and shape as it did when it was obtained, you can eat it. If it bears little or no resemblance to its natural state, you don't eat it. Here is a run-down of the principles of The Plan. I have included information tips (»). Note: cooking methods include baking, broiling, microwaving, boiling or grilling. Frying or sauteeing in fat or butter is not permitted.


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