It seems silly to have to place a disclaimer on an eating plan that encourages all natural foods, reduced fat, and reduced intake of all the chemicals, additives and preservatives in manufactured foods. Nonetheless, please read the following before you consider using the StanPlan.

The StanPlan is not a diet, but is simply a modification in the way folks eat to help manage weight. The StanPlan should not be construed as medical advice or a medical prescription. Any individual wishing to start a weight management program should consult with his/her physician or other health-care provider or specific advice before doing so.

Pregnant women or women who may become pregnant should consult with their physicians or other health-care providers before making any dietary modifications. The StanPlan is also not intended for children without the express review and modification by a physician or other appropriate healthcare provider. Similarly, persons with medical conditions including but not limited to diabetes, gout, and other metabolic disorders, should not change their eating patterns without the advice of a physician or health-care provider.

The creator of the StanPlan offers this content for information only and will not be liable for any damages, consequences, or other outcomes related to the use of this information. This site and the information provided does not constitute any medical or nursing practice and should not be considered professional health advice, treatment, or diagnosis.



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