How the StanPlan Works

Why we overeat is still not clearly understood.

There are many theories about overeating, ranging from a lack of willpower to abnormal levels of appetite-regulating hormones. While research breakthroughs may be in the near future, the simple fact is that overweight due to overeating is not curable.

We are what we eat...

...and our appetites are tied closely to what we eat. For many of us who have struggled with weight control, we may be betraying our goals and our bodies by eating calorie-dense, rapidly consumed and easily digested food. The very abnormal nature of the diet stimulates natural insulin production in the body which then causes appetite stimulation.

And for many of us, eating rich, satisfying food like ice cream, French fries, candy, salty snack (which all have high fat content in common) creates a pleasurable sensation. That good feeling may be caused by the release of endorphins (natural morphine-like substances) stored in the brain.

As a result, many of us are not addicted to eating but we are addicted to the pleasure surges that occur with eating. If anyone doubts the power of these endorphins, just think back to the last time you really overate. Remember how much discomfort you had a while after your meal--but not during eating? Those morphine-like substances dulled the discomfort.


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