Sample menus 

Here is a sample menu for an entire week. The special items marked with an asterisk* are included in our recipe section.

(The Recipes page is a future feature. Please check here later.)

Quantities are not limited except where indicated. Eat all you want! Remember, you can snack at any time if you follow the snacking guide. Do not let yourself get hungry.


   Breakfast  Lunch  Dinner

1 cup Cheerios

4 oz skim milk

one grapefruit

two bananas

2 microwaved sweet potatoes

1 cup canned pinto beans

1/2 cup peanuts in shells

2 peaches

1 large piece of grilled salmon with

2 baked potatoes

rge bowl spinach

2 apples and 2 oranges


1 cup shredded wheat

4 oz skim milk

2 oranges

1 1/2 cups brown rice

1 can water-packed tuna

2 bananas

Large bowl of pistachio nuts

braised bok choy cabbage*

large bowl whole cherries


large bowl rolled oats

apples sliced while you eat

large bowl peanuts in shells

large grapefruit


6 oz lean top sirloin, grilled

3 small or 2 medium baked potatoes

large bowl of Panned Green Beans*
1 cup low-fat granola

4 oz skim milk

peaches sliced yourself while eating

6 oz cold sliced beef rolled up into lettuce leaves with

slices of tomato and mustard

3 plums

Boiled shrimp with

large bowl brown rice seasoned with soy sauce

2 tangerines

2 bananas


large bowl oatmeal with

fresh cherries

4 oz skim milk

large bowl navy beans

celery sticks, carrot sticks

cold sliced jicama

large piece of halibut or haddock, soy/Worcestershire braised*

Cabbage wedges cooked next to fish

1 red apple and 1 green apple

Saturday 2 oz Cheerios with

4 oz skim milk

Lunch at McDonalds: salad with grilled chicken, "fork" dressing on the side (see text)

2 apples


Baked chicken breast (4 oz because of lunch)

2 microwaved sweet potatoes

2 cups braised spinach*


large bowl rolled oats

2 bananas

almonds in shells, to be added to oatmeal as you eat

Sunday dinner:

6 oz roast turkey;

large bowl of Eighthed potatoes*


lima beans

Evening meal at Wendy's:
Salad with "fork dressing"
2 plain baked potatoes
drained baked beans



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