"Snacking" really doesn't apply to The Plan. As long as you stay within The Plan, you can eat any time you want. It is very important to follow The Plan between regular meals.

So-called "salty snacks" such as potato chips, pretzels, nuts, dips, etc., are of course not part of The Plan. However, fruit is unlimited as are most vegetables. It takes only about 5 minutes to cook a good-sized sweet potato in the microwave. With salt and pepper, it makes a satisfying snack, especially followed by a couple of oranges or apples.

When you feel like snacking, it's actually helpful to go ahead and indulge on Plan foods. You can eat all day long if you want to. The secret is that by modifying the types of foods you eat, you will gradually no longer want to eat all day long. The appetite will gradually shrink.


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