Summary of the StanPlan©

All non-manufactured and non-processed fruits, vegetables, beans, tubers, and grains.
Fish/seafood*: unlimited (prepared without fat)
Air-popped popcorn

Meats and poultry: 1 serving per day. A serving is 6 ounces. No frying or cooking with fats. No manufactured meat
or poultry products.

Nuts: only as a meat substitute with meals and only served in shells.

Manufactured starches: two ounces of sugar-free cereals

Dairy: 4 ounces skim milk daily

Eggs: 2 per week, cooked without fat.

One tablespoon of salad dressing daily to “dip the fork” Alternatively, one tablespoon of vegetable oil (such as soybean or olive oil), margarine or butter.

Not Permitted:
Other fats
Other manufactured foods
Pasta, prepared foods
Other dairy products
Chocolate, candy, syrups, regular soft-drinks
Fruit juice

Rule of Eights
Foods should not be cut more than 8 times or reduced to less than
1/8 of original size before serving

Weigh yourself every day of the year!

*See Special Note about Fish page