Up the Chain

There are too many foods in life for a simple set of principles to cover. If you encounter a food question, find the answer this way: on the StanPlan, we avoid foods that are down at the bottom of the food processing chain. We climb "up the chain” and select our foods as near to their origin as possible.

For example, a person once asked about tofu. It’s a healthy, low-fat, high-protein food, but is it allowed on the StanPlan, she asked? Well, it’s made from processed soy products. As there are edible varieties of soybeans that are not processed, tofu is further down the processing chain and therefore isn’t suitable for the Plan.

Instead, look for edamame, the edible soybean that is harvested before the bean hardens. Cook up a batch and have as much as you want. They make a great snack, by the way. The shell is not edible; just shell them as you eat them.


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